Patience, relaxation key these next few weeks

Well, we’ve hit that little bubble between the hectic days of summer madness and the hectic days of Labor Day weekend.

Schools through the region have swung back into gear, meaning fewer families are taking their week-long vacations, and more service employees have returned to college. On the bright side, there has been some relief as far as traffic congestion and lines at restaurants. On the dark side, economic realities are starting to bite again, and many local shops and restaurants are finding themselves understaffed, particularly during weekdays.

Please, please, please keep that in mind over the next few weeks. The servers you encounter at restaurants, or the cashiers you deal with at shops, are probably exhausted from working throughout the busy season, and are now overtaxed because they are part of smaller staffs. They might make more mistakes, or take longer to get to you, because they have much more on their plates than you are considering at the time. We are not suggesting you ignore poor customer service or rudeness, but understand where they are coming from before you jump down their throats.

All things being equal, this is a really nice part of the summer season. You get summer weather, summer activities and summer excitement, and you have all that with smaller crowds.

Relax and enjoy your time here. Take advantage of our terrific restaurants and shops, and enjoy the ride.