Local responders get some support, gratitude

The last year or so hasn’t been an easy time nationally for emergency responders — particularly police officers.

High-profile shootings of suspects have garnered headlines and generated protests, and there have been several instances now of police officers being targeted for execution simply because of the uniforms they wear when they go to work to help provide for their families and keep our communities safe.

While we certainly believe police officers must be held accountable for their actions as much as everybody else, if not more so, the fact that every person wearing a badge is a target to a portion of our population is both disturbing and disgusting.

In an effort to show support for those who protect us, a group of local supporters is pushing the concept of “Thank a Police Officer Day” for Monday, Sept. 21. From Sept. 13-17, people who would like to sign cards, write notes, drop off baked goods or what have you may do so at Brandywine Senior Living at Fenwick Island. See page A3 for more information.

The Bethany Beach Volunteer Fire Company also received a very happy pat on the back last weekend when a young man they helped rescue eight years ago came to the department to thank them for saving his life. That is good stuff.

Our responders risk life and limb for the safety of the rest of us. It’s nice to see them appreciated sometimes for that.