UD was vigilant, thorough in investigation

Word broke early Wednesday morning that University of Delaware police were investigating a hate crime on campus, causing many throughout the state to shudder at the thought.

According to school officials, a student found what he belived to be three nooses hanging from a tree in front of Mitchell Hall on The Green Tuesday night. An email from the University’s acting president, Nancy M. Targett, went out to students, faculty and staff advising them that the University was investigating the matter thoroughly, and explaining that there would be a campuswide gathering on Wednesday for the entire UD community to come together.

Targett also asked for anyone who saw anything suspicious in that area between dusk and 10 p.m. on Tuesday night to share that information with the campus police, and that she would hold the person or persons accountable for their actions.

A little while later that morning an update was sent out to media across the state, saying that the three “noose-like” items were actually remnants of paper lanterns from a previous event at that location.

There are may who will argue that the University went overboard with this before all the facts were in, but we see it differently. They immediately went on the hunt for facts, solicited help and kept people informed. Really, isn’t that what you’d want them to do?