Team effort during storm helped us all out

Well, that was a bit of weather we had last week, huh?

If you follow us on Facebook, you know we were trying to share information with our readers as fast as it was coming in from every direction. There were road closures, power lines being sprayed, transformers going down at a moment’s notice. Coastlines were being redrawn with seemingly every gust of wind, and water kept climbing all around our picturesque community.

A good amount of the information we were able to share came via our readers and various governmental and private entities. We were an aggregator of sorts, trying to disseminate information as fast as it was coming in, and relaying that information to all of you.

We don’t share this to pat ourselves on the back for trying to stay on top of everything. On the contrary, we do it to show how cooperation between all of us helped the spread of information. People who own homes here but live elsewhere were able to monitor how the area was holding up during the bad weather, and people who do live here were able to learn what routes to take to wherever they were heading. School closings, game cancelations and other various bits and pieces were flying around social media, keeping people as informed as possible.

We thank everyone for their input, and feel optimistic that this exchange of information can only help in future storms.