Fall’s arrival shouldn’t lessen precautions

Yes, Christmas decorations are already beginning to pop up all around us, but before then, there’s Thanksgiving to worry about. And, before then, there’s Halloween.

We are already seeing Halloween events taking place around us, and they will only intensify as we get closer to the big day. That means kids wearing costumes that often impact their vision, while operating on candy-fueled adrenaline, and parents doing everything in their powers just to keep the kids within arm’s reach.

Please keep that in mind while you are driving.

Yes, we always see a big increase in pedestrian-involved accidents over the summer months, and summer is indeed in our rearview mirror right now. But that doesn’t mean we should stop being vigilant.

In fact, there are things to consider that might make it even more dangerous now than in summer. Road construction along Route 26 is significantly impacting traffic patterns, school is back in session across the board and people just genuinely tend to drive a little faster when there isn’t traffic controlling our speeds.

We’ve heard of a few instances of people passing school buses that are pulled over with their advisory lights on and have witnessed for ourselves people driving faster down the road. Please keep others in mind and stay alert.

One mistake can ruin many, many lives.