Protecting our natural treasures is a must

For an area that is as popular with vacationers as ours is, we still manage to have our fair share of hidden treasures.

Maybe it’s an off-the-beaten path restaurant you’ve discovered, or a quaint little shop in one of our rural areas. Residents of this area have their own favorite fishing spots, or kayak launches or little out-of-the-way corners to watch the sun dip down below the horizon for the evening.

Though it seemingly gets more popular every year, the James Farm Ecological Preserve is still a favorite little treasure for many of us. Just minutes away from shops and restaurants, the James Farm is a nook of nature that allows us all the opportunity to simply “get away” from time to time, and there aren’t many more things a person can treasure than the chance to just slip away and enjoy his or her surroundings for a bit.

On Wednesday, Oct. 7, employees with DNREC’s Division of Watershed Stewardship’s Drainage Section volunteered their time at James Farm to clear brush and selected trees from two acres that will now be managed as upland meadow. This is part of the James Farm Ecological Preserve Master Plan, designed to accomodate the growing number of visitors to the preserve, while protecting its natural features, according to officials.

Being proactive and planning for more visitors is exactly what we’d like to see happen to all our natural resources in the area. Kudos to DNREC and their employees.