Psychiatric hospital a step in right direction

Deficiencies in mental health care have been pointed to as a significant problem, both locally and nationally.

We’ve heard arguments pointing to a general lack of proper mental health care in situations of homelessness, veterans struggling to move forward in their civilian roles, drug addiction, crime and gun violence, amongst others. And, yes, we agree, particularly on a local level, where there simply isn’t enough care available for those who need it the most.

Well, help looks to be on the way.

The Delaware Health Care Commission last week unanimously approved an application for a proposed 90-bed psychiatric hospital to be located in Georgetown.

The $18 million facility, to be built and run by Solving Unmet Needs (SUN) will be a 70,000-square-foot hospital, employ approximately 150 people and provide treatment for children, adolescents, adults and seniors through intensive inpatient treatment, out-patient care and specialty programs for women, veterans and substance abuse.

“The facility is going to fill a significant gap we have here in Sussex County and will help neighboring areas in Maryland, as well,” said state Sen. Brian Pettyjohn.

This is help. Is it all the help we will need to fix all our problems? No, but it is a significant step in the right direction, and hopefully, the start of more treatment to come.