Take a moment and honor a veteran or two

How’d everyone sleep last night?

Forget the heartburn or stress over a work project or test that might have kept you up a little bit, or the dog pushing you to the edge of the bed. Those things just happen sometimes. Were you kept awake because of a fear that invading forces would be knocking down your door at any moment or anxiety that a giant bomb was going to fall from the sky right on to your home?


Well, someone was. In fact, quite a few men and women were staying awake around the world to make sure those very things didn’t happen while you were nestled comfortably in your sheets. Of course, we’re talking about the men and women of our armed forces — our defense against foreign invaders, and the willing volunteers who put their names on the proverbial dotted line to travel near or far to defend America and protect her interests.

And they’ve been doing it a long time.

Wednesday, Nov. 11, marks another Veteran’s Day remembrance in this beautiful nation, and it’s an opportunity for all of us to take a moment and acknowledge the sacrifices and effort partaken by all the men and women who have taken that very sacred oath to protect and defend. They have served, and continue to do so today, so the rest of us may enjoy a level of peace and safety.

Stop and say a prayer, or call a veteran you know and thank him or her for serving. Approach a stranger on the street wearing a military hat or shirt and offer a handshake or thanks. Or make a donation to a veteran-related organization or event.

It’s not an easy time out there for veterans right now, particularly in regards to obtaining proper care for their physical or mental needs. Saying “thank you” won’t help them with these problems, but it could generate a smile. And those are always appreciated.