Local police departments reach out to citizens

You know, we’re pretty fortunate around here.

Put aside the fact that we live near the beach, have low taxes, can get to numerous major cities with an easy drive and have the roads to ourselves for about eight months a year. That’s all great stuff, to be certain.

But it’s also time we recognize the community outreach done by the local police departments, at a time when relationships between law enforcement and the general citizenry are strained at various locales across this country.

The Ocean View Police Department recently held a Halloween event at John West Park that exceeded everyone’s expectations, including that of the police themselves, and was the first department in the state to carry Naloxone, to help prevent drug overdoses. Frankford police are active in that town’s park, and the beach departments are all ingrained in their communities — look at the community outpouring of support for the family of a Fenwick Island police officer who’s son is battling an illness.

The Selbyville Police Department recently registered to become a SafeTrade location, meaning people who buy or trade items online can come to the police department to meet the other party in the arrangement in a safe environment, and the police will check to see if the item in question was reported stolen. While not registered with SafeTrade, the Ocean View police offer similar protection.

This is good old-fashioned community policing, and we are a better area for it.