Please, be safe and smart this New Year’s Eve

We’re guessing that many of you, like many of us at the paper, are still deep in the holiday spirit.

That’s a great thing, and we hope people can carry that air of celebration with them throughout the year. However, with New Year’s Day this week, and New Year’s Eve coincidentally enough falling the night before that day, we ask that you celebrate with a level of restraint.

And some common sense.

There are no excuses for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs these days. Absolutely none. To be honest, there’s really never been a good excuse for it, as even the most elementary school of reasoning should tell a person that it is unsafe to be behind the wheel of a car when mentally altered at all, but with all the energy, effort and money spent on educating people about the dangers of impaired driving over the past three decades, there is positively no excuse for risking the lives of yourself or others by being ignorant and careless enough to drive drunk.

If you are out and about this New Year’s Eve, please do so with the benefit of a designated driver or a service arranged to transport you home. Forget about the costs of getting a DUI, or the shame and inconvenience of being arrested, you could die. Or someone you know could die. Or someone you don’t know could die.

It’s senseless to even have to talk about this.

Most of us have been affected, one way or another, by drunk driving. And we understand that people make mistakes in judgement from time to time. But there is no mistake in judgement when you purposely go out to drink and celebrate, and then get behind the wheel of your car.

That’s predetermined behavior. And it’s criminal. Enjoy your New Year’s celebrations, but do it wisely.