Road projects test patience, but run smoothly

We’ve all heard the sentiments before, typically laced with a stream of profanity that we won’t be repeating here.

“Stupid road construction made me late for my meeting.”

“Are they ever going to finish tearing up [Route 54] [Route 26] [my grandma’s road] so we can just get where we need to go?”

“Are you kidding me? Another detour?”

Yes, there has been a lot of road construction around these parts the past several years. And, yes, these projects tend to make trips take a little longer, hinder access to our businesses and generally make our blood boil from time to time. And we’re guessing the folks at DelDOT would agree with all those sentiments.

But the projects will make the roads more efficient when they are completed, which, in theory, will make it easier to get up and down the road and allow easier access to our local businesses. The hard part is getting through the labor pains.

The road improvement projects have been a challenge. There is no doubt about it. But, really, when projects like this are set into motion, we can only realistically hope for a few things: That it is done in accordance with deadlines, that the workers attempt to keep traffic flowing as smoothly as possible, and that DelDOT keeps people informed and listens to concerns.

From our standpoint smack in the middle of the Route 26 project, they have done all these things.

DelDOT has held regular meetings with the public since before this project started, the flaggers do a good job of getting people up and down the road, and things have moved along pretty swiftly, all things considered.

Yes, this and other road improvement projects have been a struggle for everybody. And many businesses have faced real problems. But they’re doing all we could expect.