After 14 years of service, Hocker steps aside

In March 2002, the son of a prominent local businessman and politician took the oath to serve the Town of Millville as a councilman. And Tuesday night he announced he is taking a step back from handling town business, ending a journey that saw him serve as mayor, vote on the Millville By the Sea and Super G projects and generally see the town grow by leaps and bounds.

Gerry Hocker has served that town for 14 years, and seen a lot of change, from the aforementioned projects through the building of the current town hall to the approval of an expansion to that town hall. He has seen people he’s served with pass away, move away and step aside.

And he has been a consistent, active participant throughout it all.

Most people don’t really appreciate what it takes to sit on a town council. They believe it’s showing up to a meeting once a month, voting for what he or she wants to vote for and moving on to the next item in life. But it’s not that at all. Once you assume a public position, you serve at the public’s pleasure. That means many nights on the phone, or hurrying out of work for committee meetings or using your weekend time with the family to attend a ribbon-cutting or event.

It is a thankless, time-sucking chore that requires a true love of the town and people you serve to do it with any kind of longevity.

And Hocker has certainly done that.

We applaud Gerry Hocker for his 14 years of service to the Town of Millville, and for the hundreds — if not thousands — of hours he has put in to improving and maintaining the quality of life in the town.

We wish him and his family all the best as they move in to the next chapter in their lives.