Storm was rough, but could have been worse

So, yeah, that storm hit us pretty hard.

Many of us have grown a bit skeptical of snow and dangerous weather prognostications for the area over the years, as we have seen dire forecasts turn into little more than some wind and showers time and time again. But every now and then one hits us, and this past weekend was one of those instances.

It wasn’t massive snowfall, as we saw in other parts of the East Coast. No, it was a combination of a solid snow storm, rain, freezing rain and ice that made things dangerous, especially when paired with a full moon and very high tides. It was, in short, a cocktail for flooding and dangerous road conditions.

While the rest of us here in Pointland stayed indoors on Saturday and monitored the storm via emails and news releases, Point photographer R. Chris Clark was touring the entire region, capturing startling images and videos, which he sent to News Editor M. Patricia Titus so she could keep our social media followers up to date on the happenings outside. Chris discovered flooded roads, harm to the beach and dunes, and damage to personal property and businesses.

And while emergency responders bravely faced the weather to help out people who got involved in accidents, we are happy to report that there were no significant injuries reported in our area due to the storm.

That is big.

State and local officials did an admirable job keeping us safe last weekend. Questionable road conditions led to definitive road closures, roads were treated before the storm hit us and they kept the public informed to the best of their abilities.

So, yes, we did get clobbered pretty well by this storm. But, all things considered, we dealt with it pretty darn well.