Artillery park is more than just another display

The Fort Miles Historical Association, in conjunction with Delaware State Parks, will hold a groundbreaking ceremony for an artillery park on Saturday, Feb. 20, in the historic section of the park.

The new artillery park is the newest part of the Historical Assocation’s effort to turn Fort Miles into a world-class museum in a World War II facility, and will showcase a static display of a 16-inch gun, according to officials. The gun barrel was on the USS Missouri the day the Japanese surrendered in 1945 to basically end the war. There will also be smaller guns on display, and a bathroom building. Why is this a significant entity?

Well, World War II was an important part of the planet’s history. There was a united effort to put a stop to atrocities and the spread of tyranny, and brave men volunteered to go to strange places to attempt to make the world a better place, while proud women jumped in to do whatever they could, both abroad and at home. The pain in America from the attacks at Pearl Harbor was also fresh and fierce, and the world was at a crossroads.

The reality is that we’ve been losing many of the voices who can share their memories of this period of time. “The Greatest Generation” is beginning to succumb to the ravages of age, and there aren’t many left in the grand scheme of things who can pass along what that time was really like.

So, it’s important we build things to remember where the world was at that time, and it’s equally important they are built while we still have some of those voices left to contribute. Generations who have followed are now responsible for passing along these legacies, and it is a responsibility we all share equally.