The shoulder season is now in all our sights

Flowers are beginning to dot our area landscape again, the honking of geese has begun to be replaced by the chirping of songbirds and our clocks spring ahead an hour this weekend. Yes, one and all, it would appear that spring is starting to make its way back to our little oasis by the sea.

Now, we’re not going to be having these 70-plus-degree days with any consistency for a while yet, but this week’s weather is another reminder of how wonderful a place this truly is in the spring and fall months. With spring on our doorstep, it’s important to us that we bring up a topic that we know we harp on pretty regularly.

But it’s important.

We are going to see more and more of our seasonal local businesses open up over the coming weeks. Some have already started to open their doors again.

Warmer temperatures, and coming spring breaks at schools in other areas, means there will be more visitors coming down, and that means the shops and restaurants want to get open to satisfy those visitors’ needs.

But, these will not necessarily be “summer crowds” we see over the next several weeks, even if these businesses will have to staff as if they are expecting that kind of traffic. So, once again, we ask all of you who live here to get out and support these businesses as they get through the ever-popular “shoulder season.”

We are blessed to live in an area like this. We get to enjoy small-town life for the majority of the year, with businesses that befit a much-larger area. But for those businesses to prosper, and even stay afloat, they need the support of the locals to get them through until the heavy season.

We all benefit by having these amazing restaurants and shops close and convenient. Let’s keep them going.