Gallery One show gets ‘Touchy Feely’

Gallery One in Ocean View recently announced that its April show, “Touchy Feely,” will be open to the public through May 3.

“The artistic creative process generally begins with an idea. It may be a feeling, emotional response, or just the delight and feel of a texture. The artists from Gallery One invite you to view their unique response to April’s theme, ‘Touchy, Feely.’”

Artist Jeanne Mueller said, “The original touchy, feely is Mother Nature. I love the texture of the trees, the grass — both lawn and ornamental — flowers and even the things I can’t touch… like the clouds. The various textures of nature are wonderful to see and to feel.” Her oil “Nice Day for a Kayak Ride” describes a perfect day on the water.

“Textures,” a watercolor by Sonia Hunt, depicts a rocky stream with contrasting textures and colors. Lesley McCaskill’s watercolor “Spring Rain” abstracts the effects of rain “and the woven, delicate sticks of a birds nest on a leafless tree.” “Under the Palms,” a watercolor by Cheryl Wisbrock, envisions “lying under tropical palm trees. It seems as if I can reach and touch the rustling fronds. Their textures create a soothing lullaby as they dance in the warm breeze.”

“Breaking Surf,” an acrylic by artist Dale Sheldon, visualizes “the many layers of water reflecting different textures — some smooth and glass-like, others showing great turbulence. Breaking waves and the contrasting shoreline of pebbles and shells form a delight of light, color, texture and movement. “

The textures of animals are another favorite subject. “What better example of texture than this pig who was more than happy to pose. He was particularly happy with his hairstyle and his clean smooth nose,” said Laura Hickman of her pastel “Study in Texture.” Pat Riordan’s acrylic “Bunny” captures the softness of its fur contrasting with delicate flowers.

The exhibit runs through May 3, and additionally, the Artisan Room features textiles, hand-blown glass, pottery, glass jewelry and wood pieces by local artists. Gallery One is open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is always staffed by one of the artists.

For more information, visit Gallery One’s website at or call (302) 537-5055. The gallery is located at 32 Atlantic Avenue (Route 26) in Ocean View.