Mother’s Day weekend is a big one for area

While Memorial Day weekend is circled in red on many area desk calendars as the start of another summer season, it’s also important to note that the unofficial kickoff each year is Mother’s Day weekend.

Yes, we have seen more crowds in town for recent weekends as the golfers come down to take advantage of the amazing courses we have around us, but Mother’s Day weekend is when a lot of the local restaurants have to start ramping up what they do in terms of maintaining a full staff and getting specials ironed out before the zaniness ensues.

Many families who are second-home owners will be down to enjoy Mother’s Day weekend at the beach, and a significant number of them will be waiting to head home until they can enjoy a great brunch at one of our eateries. They will be visiting shops, walking on the beach (weather permitting) and basically enjoying all that we have to offer. And, if that experience is a positive one, they will most likely be rushing to come back down and enjoy the community as quickly as possible.

We know we sound like broken records — shop local, be kind and helpful to our visitors, etc. But it is important, both to our local economy and in terms of how we present ourselves to the world. One bad experience can lead to 50 negative reviews, thanks to the world of social media and online review services, and that can lead to someone losing their business. And home. And peace of mind.

Clarksville resident Douglas B. Hudson is replacing Rodney Smith on the Sussex County Planning & Zoning Commission, and that is good for this community. Smith has been a long-time voice for this area on the county level, and to be able to replace him with Hudson is perfect. Congratulations, Mr. Hudson.