Viewpoint: Selbyville starts planning with win-win deal – May 20, 2016

It’s all-too-rare that we see a truly win-win situation in any walk of life. In government, that may be an even rarer situation.

However, we might be seeing that very circumstance happening in Selbyville, as officials there have begun planning the 10-year update to the Town’s comprehensive plan.

The Town first wrote their 2007 comp plan to appease the State, so funding wouldn’t be withheld, according to planner Debbie Pfiel. At that point, the Town focused mostly on land use, mapping then-current town limits and possible land for future annexation.

This time around, according to Pfiel, the plan will focus more on utilities and environmental impact. One subject for discussion will include the Town’s possible need for a new water tower and, if not, where might they be extending the water lines in the future?

Pfiel suggested that the Town permit her to apply for a $50,000 grant to help complete the comp plan, or, basically, pay for her to help town officials put together the comp plan. The Town agreed, and they will hire Pfiel only if they win the grant money.

So, in a nutshell, Pfiel will apply for the grant money at absolutely no cost to the Town, and if they are succesful in obtaining it, they will get help putting together the new comp plan from an experienced planner, at no cost. Pfiel, of course, gets a good gig helping put together the comp plan with solid compensation.


The Town is also assembling its own Planning Commission to work on the upcoming comp plan, including the Town’s Planning & Zoning Committee and Town Administrator Michael Deal. Along with Pfiel, if the grant money comes in, they appear to have a team looking toward the future.

And that’s win-win for all, particularly the residents.