Fun, sun and safety should all be enjoyed

Game on.

This weekend marks the unofficial start of the summer season around this community, and that means plenty of sunscreen, feasting seagulls, surfing, skimboarding, camping, fishing and more. Unfortunately, it also usually means more accidents and injuries.

We ask all of you to pay attention when playing in the ocean. Listen to the lifeguards, don’t stray too far from the shore and keep an eye out for unsuspecting kids playing near you. Each year there are emergency rescues of people who get caught up in scary tides, and some of them have resulted in fatalities.

It is also wise to always practice safe-boating skills. Obviously, driving a boat under the influence of alcohol is always a terrible idea, as is speeding recklessly through heavy-traffic areas of water, and boating in harsh weather. Use common sense, and the tools you were taught in safe-boating courses.

Please, please, please use crosswalks when walking across the street and always pay attention to your surroundings when bicycling. Every single year we receive reports on pedestrians and bicyclists being hit by motor vehicles. Some of them have been the fault of the operators of the vehicles, and some have been the fault of the pedestrian or bicyclist. Some have just happened because of unlit roads. Don’t assume anyone else on the road is being responsible or can see you easily. Always be vigilant.

Obviously, we are not trying to take away anyone’s fun this summer — we are just imploring all of you to be safe. The natural beauty of this community is astounding, and there is so much to get out and enjoy. But it does come with risks. Make your memories at the beach great ones.