Responders train for the unthinkable, for us

We like to think nothing really bad happens in our sleepy community by the shore.

Of course, we all know there are far too many bicyclist and pedestrian accidents during the summer months, and drunk driving seems to take somebody far-too-early from our grasps every year. There are also heroin problems, and organizations being hit by embezzlement.

But, unfortunately, those happen everywhere, and people seem content that some of the catastrophic events that strike other places will not hit here.

However, there are other things that happen in formerly-sleepy communities that could indeed strike here at any time. Things like school shootings, or targeted attacks at, say, a Fourth of July event or concert at the beach.

With an eye on preparedness, members of the Bethany Beach Volunteer Fire Company, Bethany Beach Police Department, Ocean View Police Department and South Bethany Police Department recently held a three-day training session on tactical emergency casualty care (TECC).

“It’s sort of a national trend that’s just starting to take hold with all the acts of violence across the country,” explained Bethany fire chief Brian Martin, adding that it’s vitally important to get responders to casualties as fast as possible.

We’d rather have them train now and not need it, than vice-versa. And we thank them for taking our safety seriously.