Tragedy should serve as a somber reminder

Well, it happened. And we are all worse off for it happening.

A young lady, Anastasia Ciolpan, 20, of Moldova, was riding her bicycle southbound on Kent Avenue on June 26, when a vehicle struck her from behind and knocked her to the ground. Ciolpan died earlier this week from the injuries.

And that is it. A young lady is now gone, and her family will be mourning that loss for years to come. Her friends will be devasted, and a future she had no doubt spent a lifetime hoping and preparing for was cut all-too short.

She was one of those faces we see every summer here. A young person on an exciting adventure in a foreign land, working hard to save money for when she would go back home. Ciolpan was working at the Blue Crab in downtown Bethany Beach this summer, a stalwart business in the resort, and she might have been one of the faces you saw when making your own memories at the beach.

“She had just become an aunt,” said Blue Crab owner Tim Haley. “Her brother, who’s here, had just had a baby and she was running around as proud as could be.”

She was not a number in a statistic about bicycle or pedestrian safety. She was a person. A human being trying to live a fulfilling life. And now it’s all gone. Just that quickly.

We beg all of you take this situation to heart and practice vigilance and safety — when driving a vehicle, walking or riding a bicycle. It can happen just like that.