South Bethany parade makes a splash

Coastal Point photos • Tyler Valliant: Just one of the boats that participated in the South Bethany Boat Parade on Sunday, July 3.Coastal Point photos • Tyler Valliant: Just one of the boats that participated in the South Bethany Boat Parade on Sunday, July 3.South Bethany officials this week offered their thanks to the owners of the 17 boats that registered for the third annual South Bethany Boat Parade, as well as the additional boats and kayaks who joined in.

At 5 p.m. on Sunday, July 3, the canals were lined with residents and visitors prepared to watch the boats making their way along the waterways of South Bethany. Kent and Bobbe Stephan’s boat from S. Anchorage Avenue led the parade with their “Sharknado” theme. Aboard were their son, Jonathan Stephan and his wife, Sam, and Hugh and Ginny Meade.

The “Safety Boat,” captained by Joe Conway of Henlopen Drive, was positioned in the center of the parade. Aboard with Joe and Terry Conway were Mayor Pat Voveris, Police Chief Troy Crowson and Bethany Beach Fire Department representative Dan Cowell.

The Town thanked the parade judges for their unbiased voting. Stationed at the end of Rebecca Road, judges Dave Wilson, Martha Lowe and Anne Long had a bird’s-eye view of the boats coming and going.

“Best in Show” went to the boat captained by Joe Petito of S. Anchorage. The theme was “Cleopatra on the Nile,” featuring his wife as Cleopatra.

The Hendrix boat from W. 11th Street received the “Most Patriotic” award, with their theme of “Imagine Peace on Earth.” On board were Beryl and Mike Long, Susan Tinsley, Brenda and Glenn Chisholm, Tony and Jane Byers, Gene and Rose Mary Hendrix.

The Linda Lewis/Peter Bogetti boat, which has won “Best in Show” for the past two years, took the “Most Creative” award this year for their theme “Wacky Winter Wonderland.” Aboard were Linda Lewis, Peter Bogetti, Danielle Lewis, Aidan O’Neill, Sydney O’Neill, Chris Davidson and Marcy O’Neill Davidson.

The Mink family of S. Anchorage took the award for “Funniest” boat, with their crab theme.

Later that evening, participants celebrated with an awards ceremony featuring hot dogs, chips and beverages at town hall.

The Town also thanked all the people who came out to watch and support the boat parade. They said the number of spectators seems to be increasing each year as they enjoy a parade in their own back yard.

Additional thanks was offered to Bobbe Stephan, Hugh and Ginny Meade, Carol Stevenson, Linda Lewis, Dave Wilson, Elizabeth Hobbs, Terry Conway, Joe Conway and Rob Youngs.

The Boat Parade Committee encouraged all residents and property owners to start brainstorming boat themes for next year and join in the fun.